The story of Sweet'Art

Sweet’Art is all about a story that begins with few pencil lines thrown out of boredom in the storage room of a retail store.

I had just given life to a project that is actually in vogue through its Arty/Fashion vision and its approach to sustainable development.

I have always loved fashion and its artistic communication throughout all its forms.

Linking these two worlds to Ethics had become such an obvious manifestation.

Sweet’Art was born “a Green Concept with an Artistic Visage”.

The Biological fabrics had become the only evident material to use in order to carry out this project, offering the best alternative for achieving this Arty/Fashion and Eco-Friendly concept, providing a label of quality and the guarantee of a clean product, namely free from all toxic products.

We all do know how the textile industry uses harmful petroleum and chemical substances in the manufacture of clothing textiles, which we buy overwhelmingly and wear on daily basis with direct consequences: the pollution of our environment as well as our health. These chemicals substances are found in dyes and dyeing and may often cause irritations and skin allergies as well as more seriously, for some of them being carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.

Sweet’Art has therefore created a Capsule Collection with its own line of accessories and an inimitable Art Deco toy named Begood. We only use GOTS certified fabrics (Global Organic Textile Standard) to ensure textiles that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as fabrics certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the first label to guarantee the Humano-Ecological qualities of these products.

We achieve our Capsule Collection, all our own accessories and the toy in a traditional way of craftsmanship and are sold only on order.

Begood complies and meets with the highly exigent EC standards requirements section toy/game.

Our Eco-Fashion clothes are fashionable, stylish, cool and easy to wear as well as easy to accessorize with an already existing wardrobe and most importantly easy maintenance.

The fabrics and raw materials are carefully, scrupulously chosen to best respect and comply with the fashion trend of the moment, as well as the brand’s ethical and social commitment to the consumer.

We work mainly on order and deliver worldwide by postal service.

Sweet’Art is a young Start-Up who is committed and responsible by its ethical approach.

We want to conform to our 5C: Creative Cool Chic Committed Company.

Creative by its inspiration Green/Fashion by realizing in Eco-Responsible fabrics a Collection Capsule, a line of accessories and an inimitable Art Deco toy.

Cool by its ethical, moral choice to be part of these eco-friendly brands that represent a more sustainable, viable future for the planet, for ourselves as well as our children, by the modernity of their actions and commitments on sustainable development. They offer another choice, another understanding that make us more aware of our eco system fragility. They offer another alternative in the consumer market.

Chic by a fashionable, feminine, elegant, of quality and comfortable style, mainly reliable to the customers by the non toxicity of the materials/fabrics used. An Eco-Fashion concept based on the desire to always combine these two universes, always present in the design and development of these collections. We realize everything on order, it is a product of quality.

Committed through our ecological and ethical dedication. We do not use any fur, leather or feathers… We aim to always favor raw materials and fabrics made and sold in France and/or E.U. We care to offer a new alternative/product with an excellent and affordable price/quality ratio. We manufacture locally, we are “Made in France”.

Company philosophy It is Utterly URGENT that the textile industry converts to be Eco-Socio-Responsible… and that we all seriously realize the need to preserve the harmony of our environment and “a fortiori” take care of our own Self, by the search for a well-being already perceived by many consumers who return to organic food values, sector which by the way is in full swing.

Green/Fashion offers you this less known alternative but equally important for the protection of the ecosystem and everyone’s health. It is a choice of life to be an integral part of this new craze, “for a better Self by a better Pick”…

 Company philosophy “Ride Free, Live Wisely”_ “Vis Libre, Vis dans la Sagesse” All Concerned.