Sweet'Art influence

Sweet’Art is a young company, offering a unique creative process solely and exclusively “Hand-Made” and execute only by order.  The "Lighty" jewelry clutch bag, a practical, light, space-saving small bag that will adapt to any social event, whether professional, festive, cocktail,
formal evening or finally ceremonial.

These creations are willingly artistic and in the " l’Art du Temps" designed with one or more materials sometimes precious, they will bring a unique
style to your outfit.

The fabrics are scrupulously chosen and varied, wools, cottons, wild silk taffetas, printed silks all these textiles are noble, they will revive all your
dresses with this elegant "Lighty" jewelry clutch bag.

Self-taught, these accessories are truly Arty pieces, made in Free Style, only and exclusively on order and Made in France.

Sweet’Art philosophy: "Ride free, Live Lighty / Soyez Libre de vos mouvements"…